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Hello everyone,

Let introduce myself, my name is David Gomez and I am from Spain (Madrid). I am engineer, but I also studied business administration, you can see all personal info in ‘About’ page.

I currently work at the Trade Commission of spain in Los Angeles (CA), as the director of Department of Energy. And that’s is the topic: The Energy.

I strongly believe that a revolution has to be done about the manner we obtain and we use the energy. Fossil fuels have helped us to boost modern society a century ago in the industrial revolution. But today, we cannot follow wasting this God present. We are good enough to develop new technologies which are able to provide energy every day, using renewables sources. But many things have to be done before.

What would it be more challenging and enjoyable for an engineer and economist to live this awesome change? This is because I am now in the US, because this is the current leader of the world (be careful with China), and they have to adress the global change.

Unfortunatelly, they are a step backward to the cutting-edge countries in renewables energies. Spain is one of them. I lived the energy change there since three years ago. I use to work as a project engineer at one of the biggest electricity companies. We did very interesting things and I learned a lot about new manner to convert energy into electricity. I worked in solar, biomass and wind power. I realized what wondefull and clean are these technologies when I compared them with the traditional coal power plants I used to visit.

This is probably the more nice pic I got in these three years. You can see how peaceful rest and live this nice cows while we were getting energy from the gentle wind.

Nevertheless, Technology is already, but an Economic problem has to be solved to make this real. This technologies are more expensive that the conventional ones, but this is because they don’t incorporate the benefits that we, and our children, will obtain from them.

And that is in I currently work. Trying to understand this wonderfull country called United States of America and working to make Renewables real. I will post on this blog the most important achivement I will get, and I will share them with you, waiting for your comments. The Energy is my passion, I hope you will be part of this.

Thank you¡ Let’s start

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